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These are just the dual (or more) band radios that I personally believe have a chance to make it to market here. So many other brands that you have never heard of are poised to strike the US market as amateur radio grows in China and the manufacturers seek to expand their profits into the global markets. To get an idea of what I'm talking about, take a look at this .PDF magazine from Global Sources (17MB).

I have inquired with a few of the Hong Kong based retailers about availability of mobile radios, most seem reluctant to carry them do to weight and shipping costs. Handhelds aren't a problem to ship as they are very light, these mobile radios have some heft to them, this weight difference and it's associated shipping costs could bring a price difference between the Hong Kong and soon to be US dealers. One would think these soon to be released radios would put some pressure on the Japanese manufacturers to lower prices or release new value priced models, but that hasn't happened, it actually appears their prices have risen considerably in the last year. Is this due to the aftereffects of the tsunami? Or are they just in denial? Whatever the reason, the low priced Chinese brands are poised to take a large chunk of the pie. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with this, it's an evolutionary step, you can't outsource your manufacturing to a low labor cost country and not expect them to gain experience and eventually become your competitor!

I fully expect to be writing about a Chinese branded HF or SDR rig within the next year or two.



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