I hope everyone is well and staying warm these days. I am sitting here writing this letter and watching the snow fall. We have about three inches on the ground. As I am looking out my window I can see my ground mounted vertical buried in a snow drift about two feet deep. Oh well no hf today until I dig out the base of the antenna along with our automobiles and steps out in front.                       At the February 16, 2010 meeting Jeff N2HPO will be our guest speaker. He will be speaking on his To Go Box’s. Jeff gave a very nice presentation on his go boxes at Ham Radio University at Briarcliff College Bethpage, L.I. This is great for anyone who is involved with ARES, SATURN, RED CROSS and any others I failed to mention.  This is open to all amateurs
who would like to attend.
                     I would like to congratulate WA2ART Phil, KC2SGS Ruslan, on there up grade to extra, and Edwin N2ZYG upgraded to general. We also have a new ham that passed his tech test his name is Peter Martey. 
                     At our March 16, 2010 Meeting we will have a guest speaker who most of you may know. He is N2YBB Mike Lisenco who is the section manger for the ARRL. He will be speaking about the latest things going on with ARRL. If you have any questions about ARRL I am sure Mike could answer them for you. 
                     The KC2RA Repeater Club needs your support at our meeting each and every month. If you have any ideas that pertain to amateur radio, we would like to hear about them.
The club has some open dates so that we can have a casual night were we can have a demo or even try our hand at operating. The dates for the casual meetings are March 2, May 4, July 6, Sept.7, Nov. 2. If you would like something special on one of these nights please contact one of our board members.
                     We are planning a picnic during the month of August at Clove Lake Park where we can have a barbeque, operate and the children can have a good time running around. Clove Lake Park has many things for our children to enjoy. Paddle boats, and rowboats, fishing, ball playing, biking. At our next meeting we will pick a date so I hope to see everyone at the next meeting
                    Remember dues are in order for 2010. This year we will give away a dual band ht. If you are a full member and pay your dues for 2010 by April 1, 2010 you get a chance to win the ht. You have to be in it to win it.

Thank You,     Harvey KB2EA

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