Hello to All,

I hope everyone is doing well at this writing and enjoying the nice weather that we are having. As most of you  know our next meeting is on Tuesday October 20th, 2009. This month’s meeting is for nominations for our clubs officers. If you would like to nominate someone for office please be at our next meeting to show your support.
As most of you know by now the club has had a great loss a few weeks ago. Our club educational chair person WB2AAP Vincent Mattera became a silent key. To the Mattera Family our sincerest condolences and I want you to know that we will never forget Vincent WB2AAP. I want to say that Vincent was not only a member of this club he also was the glue and the fabric of the KCRA. Vincent was loved by many of his fellow hams and also friends. He touched many of us in different ways. Some thru radio some thru boating, The Blue Knights and many more. To Felicia, Stephen, Vincent, and Chris I am sorry for your loss and I will miss “dad “ . The most important thing here is he will never be forgotten. Vincent was a pillar of this club since I became involved in the KCRA back in 1977. I think Vincent will be watching us and he will keep our club in his best interest by pointing us in the right direction. The most important I have learned from Vincent was that the club always came first. As dad would say this is WB2AAP with an antenna on the roof and keep your power dry.
I want to thank KB2BSL for a great job on our web site, and our Echolink node. The link is working fine and many stations have checked in from time to time. Gary has spent many hours doing these things and keeping them working. The club owes you a big “Thank You” Gary for your services. I would also like to thank Tom N2XVD for the donation of two laptop computers that we will use for our Echolink node. The link is in an extended testing stage so we can work out any kinks that may appear. After we are certain there are no issues, the Echolink equipment will move to a new site.
The CW practice run will continue here on our repeater Wednesday evenings at 8:30 PM and will last about a half hour. I would like to pick up where WB2AAP left off with the CW practice for all those who would like to learn the code. If there are any questions on the CW practice just let me know as I would like to answer them for you. We would like to get something started for the General and Extra class theory on the same night . So if you think you can help us out please let anyone of the KCRA officers know and maybe we can get that started soon.
At the last KCRA VE Examination on October 6th, 2009 we had three applicants pass there tech test so we now have three new amateurs to our radio family. Our next VE Examination will be on Dec. 2, 2009 and we already have five pre-registered for this session, hope to see you there for an upgrade or your new technicians license!
At our November meeting we will talk about our holiday party and what we will do for next year’s special events. The officers of the club would like to have a few outings during the summer. A family picnic maybe a fishing trip, and a couple of days on a weekend playing radio somewhere as a club event. I would like to say that we would like to have some help and some suggestions for the future of our club.
Thank You,
Harvey, KB2EA

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