Greetings to club members, Friends of the KCRA, and all fellow HAM’s!

This month the KCRA Executive Board is open for nominations from the full members, and shall close with the October membership meeting. At the time of this writing, there are opening on the board for:  Technical Chairperson.  Next month, November, members will cast a vote, and finalize the nominations for next year’s KCRA Board of Directors.


This months meeting we will have a special presentation from the National Guard on Citizen Preparedness starting promptly at 06:45 pm.

September was a very full month for club and ARES events.  

September 11th, Gary KB2BSL, Andy KC2GOW, Chris K2USH and Steven NV2L, fired up the clubs 911 special event station.  They made over 900 contacts, so many we will need a larger post office box to contain all the QSL cards it generated.  We got an overwhelming response from HAM’s for that event! Great work Guys!

September 20-21, Gary KB2BSL, Jim KC2LEB, Vinny KB2PSI, Steve NV2L, and Chris K2USH, gave a two day Technician license class to 11 students at the South Beach University Hospital.  The Students were very receptive to our lessons, and 99% passed.

September 25th, Jan W2KMA, Lefty KB2KAM, Gary KB2BSL and Steven NV2L along with other members of Richmond County ARES provided communications for the Richmond County Medical Center (RUMC) Full Scale Mass-Casualty exercise.  It was a large field operation, with multiple sites involved.  The ARES team activated the Hospital’s Emergency HAM equipment from the Emergency Operations Center, rode along with ambulance crews during the drill.  The EOC was nicely set up with a UPS backup system, internet, and comfortable work stations for ARES radio operators.  There were several other organizations that helped with this exercise, EMS and CERT were also present.  

September 27th, Steven NV2L, Vinny KB2PSI attended the American Red Cross Disaster Drill. We operated the radio’s from a closet sized glass room in the Emergency Operations Center.  There were three UHF/VHF radios going, one for each net, and only room for two operators.  The room got very noisy, very fast! The Red Cross was very pleased with the ARES groups performance for the drill.     

September 27th, Gary KB2BSL, Chris K2USH and Don (W2DON) attended the Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) Day at Fort Hamilton.  They assisted the Boy Scouts with starting and completing their radio merit badge.  They demonstrated a portable field radio setup, with a NVIS antenna and how to  tune a HF radio.  There was also a UHF/VHF equipment set up and tuned to the local repeaters. It was a great day, and a good spot for making contacts.


This month, there are some events that the Clubs Contesting Team will be participating in at Camp Pouch:

   October 18-19  New York QSO Party

   October 17-19  Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) provides the opportunity for millions of Scouts around the world to meet on the air via Amateur Radio

Become Radioactive!   Come to the KCRA meetings!  Learn something participating in our Hands-On-Labs! The Kings County Repeater Association needs your support at our monthly meetings!  If you have any ideas that pertain to amateur radio, we would like to hear from you.

I think most of us are members of the ARRL.  If you are not, I would like you to consider becoming a member of the ARRL. The ARRL has a lot to offer you in many ways, and they protect the amateur radio bands from commercial use!

73’de KB2PSI, Vinny

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