Greetings to club members, Friends of the KCRA, and all fellow HAMs!


This month’s Tuesday meeting, we will be finalizing plans for Field Day at Camp Pouch.  We need volunteers for the Field Day committee, to assist with food, site preparation, put up canopy, antennas, etc.


We will be holding a VE session during Field day. Please sign-up on our website if interested in upgrading your license.


Field Day - June 28 – 29

ARRL National Centennial Convention 2014 in Hartford – July 17-19 – we are planning a trip.

National Night Out - Tues., Aug. 5

Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend - Aug. 16 & 17

9/11 Memorial – (need a good location)

New York QSO party and JOTA - October


Become Radioactive! Come to the KCRA meetings! Learn something participating in our Hands-On-Labs! The Kings County Repeater Association needs your support at our monthly meetings!  If you have any ideas that pertain to amateur radio, we would like to hear from you.


I think most of us are members of the ARRL.  If you are not, I would like you to consider becoming a member of the ARRL. The ARRL has a lot to offer you in many ways, and they protect the amateur radio bands from commercial use!

73 de KB2PSI, Vinny