Greetings to all our club members and Friends of the KCRA.  I hope this letter reaches you in good spirits, and you are enjoying the Holliday season. 

It has been a very good year for the Club, with many successfully executed events!  The KCRA will be starting the new year with a full complement of board members.  Congratulations to our latest newly elected board members, Phil, K2RUH recording secretary and Jim, KC2LEB.  Phil will be digitally recording club meetings, and then transcribe them for archival.  They will be made available for club members to review in the future.  Jim is a great addition to our board, and has a wide range of experience to add to our technical team.  I would like to thank all the board members for making 2010 a very successful year for the KCRA! 


We have planned the following hands-on Lab for the next meetings:


January, Phil, K2RUH will demonstrate how to use one of the most basic test instruments everyone should own, a Digital Multimeter.  It is used for measuring current, Voltage, Ohms, testing Diodes and for a closed circuit (short).  Phil will bring in different types of Digital Multimeter's to demonstrate basic principles of current flow in Series, Parallel circuits and resistance, during our hands-on-lab session.  


February, Gary, KB2BSL will be assisting meeting participants with computer programming those new radios you got over the holidays.  The focus will be on Woxun HT's, but if you have a different radio and need some help we'll try to lend a hand. Please bring in all software and cables, and your laptops if you have one...  We will be glad to show members and non-members how to install and program these radios.


Future meetings will include:


- Demonstration of "fox" hunting, and portable direction finding antenna/s ... how to build one ...

- Gary, will give a "hands on" introduction to D-Star, D-Rats, and other newer digital modes available to a technician class operator.

- Gary & Jim will demonstrate what makes up a repeaters and how they can be linked together

- John, KB2RIF will help us build a 15m vertical antenna that the club will use for Field Day


The Kings County Repeater Association needs your support at our monthly meetings!  If you have any ideas that pertain to amateur radio, we would like to hear from you. 

I think most of us are members of the ARRL.  If you are not, I would like to ask you to consider becoming a member of the ARRL. The ARRL has a lot to offer you in many ways, and they help protect the amateur radio bands from commercial use!


I wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Holidays and see you all next Year!    


73’de KB2PSI, Vinny

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