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Summer is in full swing right now and we are all suffering from the effects of the heat and humidity.  Please be careful outside (and inside too).  Drink plenty of water and try your best to stay cool.


The KCRA participated in field day as usual and this time we tried a new site.  Special thanks to South Beach Psych Hospital and NYS OMH for the use of hospital grounds for our field day event.  A special thanks goes out to the staff at the hospital.


As your new club Vice-President, my duties, as defined by our club By-Laws, includes providing leadership guidance as head of all committees the KCRA finds necessary to form. As of today, the club currently has three formed and functioning member committees consisting of:

1)      The KCRA Technical Team. This committee of sorts provides the necessary manpower to maintain and improve the clubs technical resources such as our repeater systems, as directed by the Technical Chairperson (Jim, KC2LEB). Precise technical knowledge and experience is not required to participate. This popular committee has had much success since its formation last year.

2)      VE Team. This committee provides the resources and experience required to administer FREE exams for the various levels of FCC amateur radio licenses, as directed by the official LARC VEC liaison (Currently myself). An Extra class license is required, as all General class positions are filled.

3)      Licensing Educational Team. This committee provides free licensing courses using the Gordon West “Ham It Up” program and materials. It is currently, but does not have to be, staffed by VE Team members. Extra class license preferred, with limited General class participation.

In the coming months, three additional committees will be introduced. Our Field Day committee will start formation later this month, while a “new ham” Elmer committee will get going in March. Our club anniversary (45 YEARS!) team will plan a shindig. Participation in these team committees is open to each and every paid member of the KCRA that holds at least a technician  class (or higher if noted) license that is capable and willing. I hope you see the value that these teams provide in helping to build a stronger, knowledgeable, and active Amateur Radio presence in New York City. Please contact me directly if you have ideas to offer, or would like to participate. Together as a club, we can accomplish many things. 

You may wonder what the club does with your $35 annual membership dues and other funds we raise. If you haven’t renewed or joined yet, perhaps this will give you some incentive to do so.

As a non-profit corporation, the KCRA uses its funds in various ways, both for the benefit of its members, and for furthering the radio art. By the time 2013 is over the club should have:

Sponsored several FREE licensing classes, helping to bring about 100 new people into the hobby. One class has completed, another is underway with yet a third in the planning stages.

Sponsored two EC-001 Emergency Communications classes, one exclusively for NY Guard soldiers. These classes are free, with a $15.00 test fee for the ARRL certificate.

Sponsored six totally FREE licensing exam sessions, held at the Guild for Exceptional Children every other month. That’s right, with our LARC team, you can upgrade or take the technician exam without any fee whatsoever.

Repeater improvements galore! This extensive, multi-year refurbishment plan to both our 2m analog and 70cm D-Star systems are nearing completion. Once complete, both repeaters will consist of completely new (NOT used) flexible and modern equipment that should last many, many years, at a cost of many thousands of dollars, and much hard work.

Let’s not forget the cost of insuring this equipment, our liability insurance, activates such as Field Day, Light House Weekend, Elmer 101, Hands on Labs, our regular meeting activities, and the donations we make to retain our meeting facility.

Of course this is not a complete list of what the club does, but as you can see, we stretch every dollar as far as possible.

If you’re not already a member, or have not renewed, please consider doing so today!

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