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Click the "Read More" link to see a video explaining just how easy it is is recieve a PSK31 signal.

Today my favorite IT news site posted an article suggesting bands be taken away from amateur radio in the USA.

The club has recently changed to EchoIRLP which of course provides access to both Echolink and IRLP.


The node is directly connected to a port on our Arcom RC-210 controller directly at the repeater site, it is no longer a remote base!


Our Echolink node number is 64300 (KC2RA-R), and is open to all Echolink stations, with a limit of five connections.

At times you may not be able to connect, this is most likely due to an active IRLP link.

Our IRLP node number is 8685

Status of this node may be checked by clicking here.

So you just received (or gave) a new netbook, laptop, or desktop PC for the holidays. Congratulations.

I’ve written this article to help you keep that shiny new box with buttons on it running BETTER than new for quite a while. 

W2ZOU pointed me to this video about a new novel way to use a sea (or salt) water stream as an antenna, developed by the US Navy.


There are some great ham radio equipment sales and discounts out there, and I have compiled a small list of some of the best bargains around.
Act quick, radio dealers are well known to change prices on a whim.


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