Jack's Corner

  Radio although different in many respects to other electrical devices is still considered an electrical device.

  Analog and Digital Meters are two types of instruments Amateur Radio Operators
use to troubleshoot and perform electrical measurements.

Two main qualities of any radio receiver either Amateur Band, Broadcast Band, Marine Band, Citizens Band, Business Band or Shortwave, etc. are its Sensitivity and Selectivity. Although there are many important specification measurements for any radio receiver the most important is its Sensitivity it is the key specification for any radio receiver.

When one speaks of electricity and radio although similar in certain respects, there are many contributors to the field; Faraday, Voltaire, Maxwell, Hertz, Marconi, Deforest, Tesla and Armstrong plus many, many more not mentioned in this article. This article will highlight the achievements of two great men who never gained fame or fortune in their lifetimes. Nikola Tesla who is responsible for the invention of radio and the creation of the electrical field also Edwin Howard Armstrong who made the radio field what it is today.

When one speaks of Chemistry it is often thought of as a subject that is taught in High School or  College. Yes, Chemistry is a subject that is studied in High School and College, but it also has a profound effect on Amateur Radio. Silicon (Si) a most abundant element, is a natural resource found almost everywhere in the earth’s crust; a Chemical Element listed in the Periodic Table Chart, and is a solid referred to in Chemistry as a Metalloid (or Semimetal).

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