2012 Events

Formation of the clubs new VE team is now complete. The team will start giving FREE exams every other month starting April 3rd, 2012. If you or someone you know would like to take an exam, please register using our online registration system. You must pre-register using our online system, in person at a club meeting, or during the Monday Night club net or we will not have paperwork available for you to take the exam. No walk ins are accepted!

Many have asked why we have changed from the ARRL VEC to the LARC VEC. It’s quite simple really, while the ARRL has a fine VEC, they prohibit us from performing free examinations, this requires that a test fee of $15.00 be collected from each person taking an exam. The LARC VEC requires that all tests be performed free of any charge. This choice reflects the boards belief that amateur radio training and testing be provided on a completely voluntary and fee free basis. This does not change, and has no impact, on our club being an official ARRL affiliated club.

I would like to personally thank each and every one of our VE’s for volunteering their time and effort to provide these free examinations. As a reminder, Extra class (E) VE’s may give any examination while General class (G) may only give Technician level exams.


The KCRA’s VE team consists of the following club members:

  • Gary, KB2BSL (E) (Team leader and LARC Liaison)
  • John, KC2UHA (E)
  • Charlie, KC2PED (E)
  • Alan, K2ARN (E)
  • Jon, K2TCW (E)
  • Vinny, KB2PSI (G)
  • Joe, N2TEE (G)
  • Jim, KC2LEB (G)
  • Charlie, WA2GUG (G)
  • Jan, W2KMA (G)

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