2011 Events

During the March 15th 2011 meeting, Tony, WW2W, will be demonstrating Radio Direction finding.  He will bring antennas, map, compass, Direction Finding reading material, and recommend some very interesting books.  Tony will show us how to assemble some simple antennas from readily available parts.  Different types of DF equipment will be demonstrated including a Vector-Finding and a simple Tape measure 2m Yagi.  The main thing to explain is that a club must maintain and train a small Direction Finding team that can cooperate and pool information with each other with regards to pinpointing repeater problems.  He will speak about those types of problems as well and about bunny hunts, and QRP 2/440 xmitters that can be put together.


Club members are invited to bring in their favorite portable 2m/440/220 antennas.  

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