2011 General Meeting Agenda

January 18th

Hands on Lab with Phil, K2RUH. Phil will give a presentation and teach us the proper use of a volt ohm multi-meter.

February 15th

Hands on Lab with Gary, KB2BSL. Computer programming your radio. Gary will give a presentation on the computer programming of the Wouxun dual band HT. If you have a Wouxun and would like it programmed bring it! Standard ham templates will also be available for the following radios: Icom IC-80AD, Icom 880H, Yaesu VX7R, Yaesu VX3R, and the Alinco DJ-G7. If your radio is not on the list and you would like some help programming it, please bring your radio, programming software, cable, and laptop to the meeting. We will try to help as time and knowledge permits. No commercial radios.

March 15th

Hands on lab with special guest Tony WW2W. Tony will demonstrate "Fox" hunting, the proper use of a directional antenna for signal hunting, and how to build one.

April 19th

Hands on Lab with Gary, KB2BSL. D-Star night! Gary will give a presentation on the basics of D-Star. After the presentation a demonstration of various D-Star equipment (Including non-Icom equipment) will be given, and everyone will have the opportunity to use D-Star and make a contact!

May 17th

Jim, KC2LEB will demonstrate what makes up a repeater, and various ways of linking repeaters together.

June 21st

Hands on Lab with John, KB2RIF. John will instruct us in the building of a 15m vertical antenna. The club will then use this antenna at its field day station in Staten Island.


No Meeting

August 20th

No Official Meeting

International Lighthouse/Lightship weekend! Our special event station will be on the air from the Coney Island Norton's Point lighthouse! The club BBQ will also take place during this event.

September 20th

Don, W2DON presents KCRA field days of yore. Don will give a presentation of past KCRA field days, including member pictures (If you have some old ones, please get in touch with Don).

Board member nominations for 2012 begin.

October 18th

Hands on Lab with Jim, KC2LEB. NTS traffic handling. Join us as Jim shows how to pass formal written traffic using a Radio Gram form. Find out what all those abbreviations mean!

Board member nominations for 2012 close.

November 15th

Become a VE! Our VE team will prepare us than lead us in an open book exam to become an ARRL volunteer examiner. You must have at least a general class license to become a VE. There is no fee for this exam. In order to ensure enough supplies are available, you will need to pre-register starting in September.

Board member elections for 2012.


Instead of a meeting, the KCRA will hold its annual Holiday Party. Date and location to be determined.


Please check the clubs website at WWW.KC2RA.ORG for up to date meeting information as this schedule is subject to change. Most KCRA special events are not listed here, and may be found on the club website.


All meetings are held at:

The Guild For Exceptional Children

  268 68th. Street, Brooklyn, NY 11220