2011 Events

The Kings County Repeater Association is pleased to be the sponsoring club of Ham Radio University 2011.

Ham Radio University will be held on Sunday, January 10th 2011 at Briarcliffe College. This year's Keynote speaker is ARRL president Kay Craigie, N3KN. This year there will be 25 forums including new ones like Software Defined Radios, Emergency Power for your Home, Ham Radio Deluxe, and Remote Station Operation. VE examination sessions will also be held at the event, it's a good time to pass that upgrade! Please make sure to check out the club tables located near the cafeteria (open during the event), of course the KCRA will be set up along with many other area clubs, stop by and say hi!

This year HRU opens at 7:30 AM, with the first forum starting at 9:00 AM. The suggested donation is $3.00 and enters you into the door prize drawing, you will also receive a gift bag stuffed with goodies courtesy of the Kings County Repeater Association.

Remember, HRU is not a hamfest, there is no flea market, and nothing for sale (except food).

For more information, including forum schedule and directions, please visit WWW.HAMRADIOUNIVERSITY.ORG.

At 11:00 don't miss the "Intro to NTS"  forum by our own Mike, N2BMU and Jim, KC2LEB.

Stop by the club room and say hello to members of the board at the KCRA club table and get a free gift! If you joined or renewed your membership for 2011, you may also pick up your 2011 membership package during HRU.

Interested in D-Star? Right next to our table, the Staten Island Digital Group will have a complete hands on lab of various D-Star technologies.


Need a ride? Carpools are available, leave a message in the comments.

Members and Friends of the KCRA
You are invited to our annual Holiday Party

Tuesday, December 13th at 7:00 pm

China Buffet
2626 Hylan Boulevard
Staten Island

There is a $12 charge per person. 
Please RSVP using our Event Registration System.
You may pre-pay at the next meeting or at the door.

Need a ride? Leave a comment.

Elections are over, and the KCRA board of directors for 2011 are:


  • President: Vincent Mattera, KB2PSI
  • Vice-President: Mike Patino, N2BMU
  • Recording Secretary: Phil Reed, K2RUH
  • Treasurer: Felicia Mattera, KB2NYF
  • Membership Chairperson:  Don LaSalla, W2DON
  • Technical Chairperson: Gary Lindtner, KB2BSL
  • Educational Chairperson: John Murphy, KB2RIF
  • Newsletter Chairperson: Jim Kettyle, KC2LEB


These volunteer officers are committed to helping the KCRA succeed, if you should have any club related questions, suggestions, or concerns; Please feel free to contact any board member directly or use the “Contact Us” form on the Website.

2011 General Meeting Agenda

Saturday January 16, we lost a long time member of our club, Barry Seaman
N2NYD, a true gentlemen.  Barry suffered a massive heart attack on his way
to work while driving on the Brooklyn Bridge,  his vehicle came to a stop
when it hit the guardrail. He was 63.

Tuesday, January 18th, many of the KCRA members and HAM community went to
his wake... the Funeral polar was overflowing with friends, and family.

He could be heard on many of the local repeaters as he was traveling to and
from work.  Good guy, friendly and a good sense of humor and easy to talk
to.  Barry will be missed by many.

The KCRA board of directors sends it's condolences to his family.
Rest in Peace Barry.

During the March 15th 2011 meeting, Tony, WW2W, will be demonstrating Radio Direction finding.  He will bring antennas, map, compass, Direction Finding reading material, and recommend some very interesting books.  Tony will show us how to assemble some simple antennas from readily available parts.  Different types of DF equipment will be demonstrated including a Vector-Finding and a simple Tape measure 2m Yagi.  The main thing to explain is that a club must maintain and train a small Direction Finding team that can cooperate and pool information with each other with regards to pinpointing repeater problems.  He will speak about those types of problems as well and about bunny hunts, and QRP 2/440 xmitters that can be put together.


Club members are invited to bring in their favorite portable 2m/440/220 antennas.  

The KCRA is holding a spring raffle, the proceeds of which will go to the repeater improvement fund.

Tickets go on sale during the March 15th meeting, and the drawing will be held at the April 19th meeting. Tickets are $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00, you do not have to be present at the April meeting to win. Can't make it to a meeting to buy a ticket? No problem, tickets may be purchased from any board member.

Everyone that purchases a ticket will receive a KCRA keychain flashlight! (Limit one flashlight per person).

The Prizes are:

1) Icom IC-2100H VHF mobile radio (Donated by Sid, KB2GEK)

1) Mirage B-34-G 2m Amp (Donated by Sid, KB2GEK)

1) Radio Shack PRO-2022 tabletop scanner (Donated by Sid, KB2GEK)

1) $25.00 J&R Gift Card

1) KCRA T-Shirt


The Echo-IRLP club participation project has begun. Join us in the assembly of the new interface and supporting computer equipment! All it takes to get involved is to purchase at least one needed component (have it shipped to Felicia, KB2NYF),  most of the needed parts are under $20, with a few under $10. Participating members will be honored with a plaque placed in the repeater cabinet, and an article on the website and newsletter. After all components have been procured, we'll have several special meetings (for participants only) to put it all together. The deadline for becoming a participant is June 30th, 2011. Click "Read More" for the full details!

The Kings County Repeater Association is inviting you to attend their open house D-Star event to be held on Tuesday, April 19th (7:00 PM) at the Guild For Exceptional Children , 260 68th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11220. This location has free parking available, and is convenient to several mass transit options. Don's famous coffee, and a variety of other refreshments will be served.

The D-Star presentation (By Gary, KB2BSL) will cover various topics including:

  •     What is D-Star?
  •     Who invented it (and why this is important to the Amateur Radio community)
  •     A brief understanding of how the protocol works
  •     A live demonstration of call sign routing and linking
  •     The D-Star community
  •     An overview of Icom D-Star equipment
  •     An overview of the plethora of NON-Icom D-star hardware and software (you CAN do it yourself)
  •     An introduction to the KCRA's NON-Icom D-Star repeater (WG2MSK)
  •     Hands on time with the equipment available at the demonstration


Throughout the presentation fantastic participation prizes will be awarded.

This is an "Open House" event, you DO NOT need to be a member to attend or win a participation prize.

The KCRA needs your help, and we are willing to bribe you!

The clubs annual field day outing is our largest, most difficult, and physically demanding event of the year.

With the many antennas, radios, pop up canopies, chairs, tables, feed line, wiring and support structures to assemble (and take down) comes a great deal of physical stress and exertion to the clubs core group of volunteers. Help lighten their load, you may learn quite a bit in the process and go home with that nice fuzzy feeling inside that you helped out on the team.

We are seeking able bodied volunteers for the following positions:

Saturday June 25th 8:30 AM

  • Operations facility setup (Table, chair, tent/canopy, electrical, etc. setup)
  • Antenna installation assistants (Wire antenna, support structures, feed line, etc. setup)
  • 20+ WPM CW operator (Bencher paddle on site, or bring your own. CW op gets first choice of band 160-6. Must be able to computer log. You may arrive at any time for as long/little as you wish, just let us know!)

Sunday June 26th 10:30 AM

  • Operations facility break down
  • Antenna break down assistants

Our bribe to you: A beautiful KCRA logo T-Shirt or embroidered hat. Supplies are of course limited, you must pre-register by June 20th using the comment form below or by sending an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

These volunteer opportunities are available to both members and non-members alike. Lite refreshments will be provided by the club. Further information on our 2011 Field Day, including location/map/directions may be found here.

This year the club has once again chosen the South Beach Psychiatric Center located at 777 Seaview Ave in Staten Island as its Field Day site location.

This huge field, were the clubs mascot the wild turkey roams free, is located just minutes from the Verrazano Narrows Bridge and offers ample free parking, 24 hour facilities, more than enough room for even the longest of antennas, and is directly across the street from the beach.

RF wise, it's shaping up to be an exciting time on the air with antennas for all allowable radio bands between 160m and 6m scheduled to be installed.

SSB/AM/FM voice, CW, and most of the latest in digital modes including D-Star will be available for you to peruse or operate!

All equipment will be powered by emergency power sources such as batteries, solar, generator, and even fuel cells.

Don't worry if your license doesn't cover HF or even if you're not a ham and just interested in what all those wires are for, come on down, we got you covered! We'll show you everything you need to know and get you on the air!

Lite refreshments will be provided by the Kings County Repeater Association.

Our hours of operation this year (including setup) are from 8:30AM Saturday, June 25th until 11:00AM Sunday, June 26th, visitors are welcome stop by anytime.

For more information including operating setup, map, and directions, click "Read More"

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