2009 Events

There are two prizes to be given away at this year’s holiday party.


The first prize is a Ten Tec short wave radio kit.

The Grand prize is a 2m HT.

Click “Read More” for prize details and how you can win!

Each member will receive a FREE drawing ticket just for attending the holiday party on December 15th.

Earn a BONUS FREE ticket for attending the November 17th general meeting!

You MUST be present at the holiday party to win.

Only licensed primary members may participate in the raffle, additional family members, non members, and unlicensed members are not eligible.

All prizes are brand new in the box items.




First Prize:

Ten-Tec 1054 Regenerative 4-Band SWL Receiver Kit


Beginners and experts will appreciate this easy to assemble radio kit.

Just basic soldering skills, two 9 volt batteries, and about 10 feet of hookup wire is all it takes to start pulling in some HF radio!

4 band segments: 5.9-6.4 (49 meters shortwave), 6.9-7.4 MHz (40 meters ham radio), 8.5-10.2 (30 meters ham radio, 31 meters shortwave, WWV@10 MHz), 11.5-16.5 MHz (21 and 19 meters shortwave, 20 meters ham radio).


Donated by an anonymous member.



Grand Prize:

Puxing PX-777 2m HT





This is a popular Chinese brand HT, and is highly rated on eHam (http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/6221).


VHF 136-174Mhz wideband receive

128 memory channels

5W output power

Built-in 50  CTCSS and 104 DCS

Wide and Narrow bandwidth

1200mAh Li-ion battery

Desktop Drop In Charger

Built in VOX

Three color LCD backlight display

Channel step 5k,10k,6.25k,12.5k,25k

Frequency Stability ±2.5PPM

Max Frequency Deviation 5KHz
Audio Distortion

Adjacent Channel Power ≥65dB
Spurious Radiation ≤7.5UW(-36db for CE)

RF Sensitivity 0.2UV(12DB SINAD)

Adjacent Channel Selectivity ≥60dB
Intermodulation Rejection ≥60dB
Blocking  ≥80dB

Also includes a earpiece/mic with PTT switch!


Donated by an anonymous member.



If you would like to anonymously donate a brand new in the box Ham radio related item for the holiday raffle, please contact any board member.

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