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I'm Steve Mendelsohn W2ML, Communications Director for the New York City Half Marathon on August 16th and I'm hoping you can send your club an email asking for volunteers.

 The NYPD has asked for more hams to be at the 4 new medical
stations because of the expected heat and number of drop outs
that are projected to occur.

It is not a long day, in fact most hams are on post at 6:30 AM,
the race starts at 7 AM and, because it is a 13.1 mile race, everyone
is gone by 10:30 AM at the latest.

The course is 2 laps of Central Park, South on 7th Avenue to 42nd
West on 42nd and then south on the West Side Highway to the Battery.

As Im sure most of your members are in Brooklyn, I'd place them at the
south end of the course for easiest transportation by subway if they
choose to come that way.

This is our 6th year of ham radio support for the event, but this year
they choose to run the event late in August when most people are on
vacation, so volunteers are very scarce and ham radio volunteers even
more so.

We will be using a 440 MHz repeater in mid-Manhattan so HTs will be
all that's needed.

If you can help by sending this out to the club, I'd appreciate it.

-73- Steve, W2ML
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Steve Mendelsohn, W2ML
Radio Communications Director
2009 New York City Half Marathon
Cell (201) 981-9922

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