2009 Events

In 2009 we had an event, it was big. Hope you didn't miss it!

The 2009 ARRL VHF/UHF contest took place in June. KCRA participated in the contest, and set up shop at the St. Johns university Staten Island campus. Click Read More to see some photos!

There are two prizes to be given away at this year’s holiday party.


The first prize is a Ten Tec short wave radio kit.

The Grand prize is a 2m HT.

Click “Read More” for prize details and how you can win!

I'm Steve Mendelsohn W2ML, Communications Director for the New York City Half Marathon on August 16th and I'm hoping you can send your club an email asking for volunteers.

The Great South Bay ARC needs some assistance for the 'Hope for the Warriors Run' on Sunday November 8th.

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