(2-3minutesprior to the net)

This is (Your call here). The KCRA 2-meter Monday Night Club Net will be held at 9 PM on this frequency. Stations listening are invited to participate in the net, and stations wishing to make a call are requested to do so now. This is (Your name here), standing by.




Calling the KCRA Club Net Calling the KCRA Club Net Calling the Kings County Repeater Association Monday Night Club Net
Good evening to all stations. This is (Your call here) and my name is (Your name here) located in (Your location here)





I am net control for this evening\'s session of the KCRA 2-meter Monday Night Club Net, where club members and non-members may discuss relevant topics of interest. This net is held every Monday evening at 9:00 PM and is sponsored by the Kings County Repeater Assn. This 2-meter repeater, KC2RA, transmits on 146.430 MHz with an input up 1 MHz at 147.430 MHz. The PL is 136.5





This is a directed net and all transmissions are at the direction and discretion of this net control station. Stations with emergency, priority or welfare traffic may break this net at any time by using the word "break" followed by your call and stating that you have such traffic. At this time the net will stand by for stations with emergency, priority or welfare traffic













If there are any corrections or additional stations wishing to check-in, please call now [Let Carrier Drop and log check ins] [Call for old business from previous nets **] [Call for new business, questions, BUT NO swap and shop **] [Call for messages regarding good and welfare, upgrade announcements, births, deaths, and Hospital stays] [ID your station & Repeat Check-in at this time, if desired] [Tech Spot if applicable - Invite technical questions or additional business, if desired] [AR News line transmission - - ID station every 10 minutes - Listen for beeps and announce your
call and the repeater call, KC2RA, for ID purposes]
www.arnewsline.com KCRA Announcements:




[ID your station & Repeat check-in at this time, if desired]


[Let Carrier Drop]






[Let Carrier Drop]


[Let Carrier Drop]


(At 9:00 PM)


KCRA 2-Meter Monday Night Club (rev 12/2005)


Radio amateurs with a Technician or higher license are invited to participate in the following nets

This KCRA club net held every Monday night at 9:00 PM on this repeater. Hear the Amateur Radio News line, KCRA club information, and community calendar announcements. This net Features a rotating net control station

The Big Apple VHF Traffic Net, every night at 8:00 PM on this repeater Check-in for traffic Handling experience and to support the net. The Net Manager is Nat, KB2KLH.

The 2-meter Swap and Shop Net is held on Wednesday evening at 9:00 PM on this repeater. Bring your Amateur Radio Items for sale or trade or just stop by to window shop.

Every Friday at 9:00 pm KCRA will host the Charlie Renda KB2MQK Memorial - Net.

We also have a Morse code net and questions for the general and Extra exams. The Net Manager is Vinny, WB2AAP on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday nights from 8:30-9pm. So join in and have some fun.

Also on this repeater:
Special event planning nets usually held on Saturday mornings at 10 AM, when needed. Listen for
Announcements during the week to hear if a planning net is scheduled For information about the KCRA you may:
Write to the KCRA at PO Box 280288, Brooklyn,
NY 11228-0288
Visit our web site at www.kc2ra.com or





The KCRA meets at 7:00 PM on the third Tuesday of every month, except July and August, at the Guild for Exceptional Children, 260 68th Street, between 3rd Avenue and Ridge Blvd, in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. Visitors and new hams are always welcome. The next meeting is _______. (Mention this coming month guest speaker, if any). VE test sessions are held quarterly on the first Tuesday of March, June, September, and December at the Guild for Exceptional Children. Exams start promptly at 7:00 PM and pre-registration is required. The next VE session is _______. Good luck!

Join the KCRA and enjoy the benefits of club membership. An application form is available on
our website at www.kc2ra.com
The Amateur Radio Community Calendar
The KCRA provides this opportunity as a community service for announcements of non-KCRA
activities such as computer shows, ham fests, VE exams by other clubs, or ARES events.




Thanks to the following stations who participated in this evenings net. These include: [Read name and call sign - as time allows from check-in list and acknowledge contributions to the net]

This concludes this evening\'s net. Thanks to the Kings County Repeater Association and the Repeater Trustee for the use of the KC2RA repeater.











[If not running late]








(Invite stations with non-KCRA announcements).




Other KCRA Announcements:



This net is secure at _____PM and the repeater is returned to casual amateur use. 73 to all this is (Your call here) clear.





[wait10 secounds...] When checking in, give my call, (Your call here) and let your carrier drop to ensure that you are not Doubling with another station If not doubling, give your call, name, approximate location, and inform net control if you have comments, questions, announcements, or any other business for the net.... Stations wishing to check-in please call net control (Your call here) now







[Let Carrier Drop and log check ins]

[Acknowledge and welcome these stations]


At this time is there any additional check-ins or stations with business or comments for the net?
Please call now.

[Acknowledge and welcome these stations or state that nothing was heard]

[Discuss any additional business]

[Net Closing]


{Convey a thought, philosophical Statement or any short personal message ...}