The club has recently changed to EchoIRLP which of course provides access to both Echolink and IRLP.


The node is directly connected to a port on our Arcom RC-210 controller directly at the repeater site, it is no longer a remote base!


Our Echolink node number is 64300 (KC2RA-R), and is open to all Echolink stations, with a limit of five connections.

At times you may not be able to connect, this is most likely due to an active IRLP link.

Our IRLP node number is 8685

Status of this node may be checked by clicking here.


The current configuration consists of a diskless/fanless Via C7 uITX system running CentOS 5.9 (Linux), this runs the echoirlp software that interfaces with the IRLP board on a parallel port. The audio ports of the computers sound card and the IRLP interface connect directly to a port on the 2m analog repeaters Arcom RC-210 multiport controller. This provides excellent audio quality. The entire echoirlp system was donated and built by members in 2011.


As this article is frequently accessed by people whom wish to build a remote node, I have preserved the old configuration below for your reference:


Many people have asked about the configuration of the node, and the equipment used.

Currently, the Echolink station consists of an Icom IC-2400A dualbander (UHF as control) running 5 watts into a Diamond SG7900A Super Gainer antenna.

This is interfaced to the computer using a design from the ARRL HF Digital Handbook with added audio isolation transformers and pot level controls. This interface still needs a small enclosure, if you have one you would like to donate please make contact.

The computer is a VIA C3 ITX diskless system (2GB of fast Compact Flash serves as a hard drive) with no moving parts, running nLite'd Windows XP Pro.

Of course any of the components or the entire system could change if other equipment becomes available.