The KCRA Repeater Operator’s Guidelines


As a user of the KCRA repeater I will operate:




Leaving a brief pause before each transmission to allow others to participate or ask for a call.




Abiding by Part 97 of the FCC rules and regulations.

Giving my call sign at the end of a contact and at least every 10 minutes during the contact.

Not transmitting without identifying.

Not allowing anyone to use my call unless I am the control operator present at the control point; therefore I will identify on the air.

Not transmitting music or prohibited material, including analog or digital recordings.

Not “jamming” the repeater, “kerchunking”, or causing malicious interference to other repeater users.

Not using obscene or indecent language or meaning.




Transmitting my call and the word “listening” or “monitoring”.

Joining a conversation by transmitting my call during a break between transmissions.

Transmitting my call followed by “call, please” to make a quick call during an ongoing conversation.

Acknowledging the station requesting a call or looking to join the conversation if I am the next station to transmit, and allowing them to proceed in a timely fashion.




Not using the repeater to attack or belittle a fellow amateur or non-amateur.

Being aware that the repeater is heard over a wide area by many people, and therefore avoiding conversations which are suggestive or filled with innuendo.