In January 2011 the KCRA board decided to accept the WG2MSK D-Star repeater as a donation from Gary, KB2BSL who will remain trustee.

The repeater is now located in Brooklyn, in the same location as our 2m machine, and is FULLY coordinated with Metrocor on 445.475 MHz. Set RPT1 to "WG2MSK B" and RPT2 to "WG2MSK G".

This repeater has some unique qualities, such as being one of the first fully NON ICOM D-Star systems in the United States. It's construction contains a specialized micro Linux server with software by G4ULF that fully emulates several pieces of Icom equipment. Working with a GMSK "Satoshi" modem, the server controls a pair of narrow band radios that deliver a complete D-Star experience indistinguishable from an Icom installation.


The repeater runs the following additional software packages:


This provides many functions to the repeater, using the UR function of your radio including:

"       E" (7 spaces and an E) Echo playback. Set this and the repeater will play back whatever you say to it. This is good if you want to know how good you are received by the machine. It is bad form to use this while the repeater is connected to a reflector, and can cause much confusion to others.

"       U" (7 spaces and a U) Unlink the repeater. This will disconnect the current reflector/system that is linked.

"REF020AL" Would link you to reflector 20 port A

A full tutorial on linking may be found here.



Similar to D-Plus, allows linking to the XRF reflector network. This function is currently not available to the general public.



This program monitors the status of D-Plus links, tries to keep them alive, and provides status announcements of the current link.

Send "WG2MSKLI" in your UR field to hear the link status.



This allow this repeater to communicate via call sign routing with other repeaters that are not part of the "US Trust" network, it also provides updates for participating repeaters much quicker.

Users who wish to have their call sign visible on the IRCDDB last hear page must send a single transmission containing the UR "VIS   ON" (3 spaces). Likewise, to not be shown on the IRCDDB last heard pages send a single transmission containing the UR "VIS  OFF" (2 spaces). Further information is available at the IRCDDB website.


This repeater participates in the following nets:

Sunday 9:00 PM (link time 8:45 PM) - Ozark Mountain D-Star net on reflector 1C (This is a long net, if the repeater seems stressed out it will be disconnected)

Monday 7:30 PM (Link time 7:25 PM) - Philadelphia D-Star users net on reflector 20A

Tuesday 7:30 PM (Link time 7:25 PM) - Mid Atlantic D-Star net on reflector 20A

Wednesday 9:00 PM (Link time 8:55 PM) - Worldwide DVAP net on reflector 14C


If there is a net you would like added to the roster, please let us know.


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